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    I recently updated plugins on my site that had Pniber running… the update broke the site completely. I had to put it into PHP debugging mode, and it clearly identified the Unyson plugin – which Pniber relies upon – as the culprit. The only way I could get the site running was to remove Unyson and replace Pniber with a different theme. If you have suggestions how to fix this, I will consider. I like the Pniber theme look, however, I cannot afford this kind of downtime.

    LenVan Support


    Could you create a user “administrator” and send access to the admin panel to the email – lenvanscripts@gmail.com?

    Best regards, LenVan


    I sent a email with temporary details for an admin user.

    I discovered that it is not Unyson by itself, it is when Unyson and Pniber-core are activated together that it crashes the site.

    Thank you

    LenVan Support

    In version 2.7.23, Unyson added an option that was used with us.

    We fixed this in version 2.0 (Mar 25, 2020):
    - Fixed some functions for better support Unyson Plugin.

    Here is the whole Changelog (you can read about improvements in new versions of both the Pniber and the Pniber Core)

    Now I fixed the error on your site, but for the future we recommend updating the Pniber and the Pniber Core to the latest versions.

    Regards, LenVan


    I appreciate that you fixed the problem with an update.

    Since your theme and plugin do not use the regular WordPress update mechanism, it was not apparent that there was an update.

    I have used wordpress on many sites for many years. It is very rare that an update breaks a plugin and makes the site dysfunctional like this did.

    So to respond to your “for the future we recommend updating to the latest versions,” as a former software developer, I recommend to you that when updates are made, they do not break existing configurations. This causes all sorts of headaches for everyone.

    I am happy that it works now.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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